The alternative 2006 predictor…

I’ve always been told that advertising works.  Get your product out there, and more often than not people will believe what you tell them about it.  Bearing that in mind, I have spent, for you, literally minutes watching all the 2006 season commercials that I could find on the team websites, in order to bring you what must surely be the most definitive predictions ever made.

Well, maybe not, and my plan immediately fell down with the poor (read: non-existant) showing from the National League.  Only 2 teams with commercials linked – and I’m not even sure that the Giants ones are for this season.  But they get the Wild Card in the NL by default.  No representatives from the East or Central I’m afraid, so I can’t help you there, but worthy NL champions for 2006 are the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The American League put up a much better showing (I can certainly feel anotherWecometoplay_375x175  All-Star win coming on!), although once again the East puts up a poor showing, with the mighty Devil Rays making their first post-season by default.  The West is more of a battle, with stiff competition from the Oakland A’s, but its the Seattle Mariners who burst through to secure the title. 

The AL Central meanwhile proves to be the most competitive division of 2006, with a 4-way battle for the top spot.  The Indians and the Tigers fade away, and we’re left with a tight scrap between the Royals and the Twins, with Kansas City nicking the top spot, and Minnesota having to settle for the Wild Card.

In the post season, LA easily sees of San Francisco in the LDS, making its first World Series since 1988 on the back of a superb performance by the Blue Man Group. 

In the AL, Seattle sees of the Twins, whilst Kansas City just edges past Tampa Bay, before getting destroyed by Seattle, and its Jamie Moyer effort.Ph_ad_tribute_125x100

The World Series looks to be a close one, but its Seattle’s strength in depth, and a herculean effort by Richie Sexson that makes the Mariners 2006 World Champions.

(If you only watch one of the links above – watch Richie Sexson.  I still have the stupid song stuck in my head!)(And I think I should footnote this with TMQ (from’s disclaimer – all predictions wrong – or your money back!)

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Rays beat the Tigers 6-5 behind Mrk Hendrickson, who pitched 6 innings allowing 9 hits and 5 runs, and Doug Waechter, with his last chance to claim the final rotation spot who went 3 innings giving up 3 hits and striking out 1.  I’m still not sure who I’d like to see take that final spot – though maybe I’d be tempted to keep Waechter with the big league club, put him in the ‘pen to begin the season, go with four starters until the fifth is absolutely needed, and get Jackson a couple of starts in the minors just to make sure he’s totally ready.  But then thats just me – I’m sure all will be revealed very soon!

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