Complete Insanity

OK, first the good news.  The Rays beat the Yankees 4-2 last night in 10 innings, despite managing to walk 14 Yankee batters.  Yes, you read that right, fourteen.  The win came courtesy of some clutch hitting by CC and Ty Wigginton off of Mariano Rivera, which was nice.

The insanity however increases, as Jorge Cantu has been placed on the DL, joining, at last count almost the entire Rays organisation.  I just don’t know how much more bad luck we can take.

Welcome to the Injured Zone:

Aubrey_huff_1 Jorge_cantu Julio_lugo Luis_ordaz_1 Rocco_baldelli Shinji_mori

Then there is Delmon Young, who apparantly threw his bat at an umpire during a Durham Bulls game.  So he’ll likely be suspended for a fair while.  Not smart Delmon.

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