The Beautiful Game

And I’m sorry, but I don’t mean baseball this once.  But more of that in a second, Mcpcdc4q as I will start on your side of the Atlantic.  I didn’t see last night’s Rays game, but it looks like the bullpen blew it again – but we’re going to have to live with that for a while I think.  Jonny Gomes came up big again – hands up anyone who is surprised?  Nobody?  Thought not.  He went 4-4, and hit his 11th homerun of the year – setting a new Rays record for longballs in a month.  I’ll say it again – this guy is GOOD.

Tonight Kaz is up against Schilling.  I’m taking bets on how many innings until one of them gets tossed for hitting batters – the smart money is on not many.  I’m betting that Kaz is desparate to put one over on Schilling after the comments that Curt made a couple of weeks ago.

And now, the beautiful game.  And please forgive me for going on a little bit here, but you see football is the greatest game in the world.  And it is called football, and not soccer.  Sorry guys.

Anyway, today was Southampton’s last game of the season – and its been a disappointing season to say the least, 12th place in England’s second tier.  But 1146410272_spt_ai11_shamptonvliecester_1 today reminded why I love the game so much.  It was good anyway, as Saints finished the season on a high with a 2-0 win.

But it was just a great day.  Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Saints winning the FA Cup – the only competition that we’ve ever won. And most of the winning team were back down for a reunion – and an appearance at half-time to massive applause.  And then, at the end of the game, all the players did their traditional lap of the pitch to say thanks to us fans.  But it was extra poignant this year.  One of the best players I have ever seen play for Saints – Marian Pahars, a Latvian striker, is out of contract this summer, and has been injured for most of the last two years.  He’s been at the club for 7 years (a long time for anyone, but especially for a foreign player), and has become a real cult hero at the club (think Edgar Martinez at the Mariners, and you’ll understand how much al of us fans love him).  Its probable that he won’t be coming back next year, and as he did his lap, he waved goodbye, clapped, and fought back the tears.  It was honestly one of te most emotional things I’ve seen in 15 years of watching football.  And it reminded me just how much I love this game.  Sorry baseball.  I love you too.  But you’ll just never come close in my heart to the Beautiful Game.

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    Jeez, the Saints are at mid-table in the Championship? Well, that generally tends to happen to a club that gets relegated the previous year. The chairman sells all the players to reduce the wage bill, so they don’t have a team capable of going back up. Just be glad that nobody had taken to calling them “the Ain’ts.” 😀

    As I said, I befriended a few Saints supporters while in Spain, and I watched the match against United that sealed their fate with them last year. Still, I am a Gooner, and I am very thankful for Theo Walcott. 🙂

    Watching the Sunderland-Arsenal match; it’s getting ugly. The Gunners still need to beat Man City and Wigan, but still are not assured of fourth unless Spurs slips up at Upton Park. Great to see Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell back in the team, because they need them. It still might not be enough to keep Thierry Henry.

    You are probably also reeling from the fact that Pompey managed to stay up. Don’t worry, though; they will be down soon enough.

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