Catch up time…

So I haven’t written anything for a few days – I’ve had a mad busy weekend, but I’m back home agan, and looking forward to some more baseballing…

I only caught a little of the Braves series over the weekend, which the Rays Ycwqzzzp dropped 2 games to 1, but I watched a fair amount of ast nights game – before tiredness got the better of me.

James Shields had started really well, but had a really tough 5th inning, as the Marlins broke out, and ended up with a 8-5 win.  Shields went 1-2 at the plate, keeping his batting average at .600 – not too bad for a rookie AL pitcher!

The real star offensively was again Rocco Baldelli, however.  He went 2-4 with a two-run home run, and an RBI triple.  He is just so hot since returning, and I’m loving it! Greg Norton had a 3 hit day, and Aubrey Huff rapped out a couple more, pushing his batting average further towards normality at .242.

Footbal_balll_co_7World Cup Central – So much has happened since I last posted, so here’s the summary.

England are through to the quarter-finals after a 1-0 win over Ecuador, thanks to a David Beckham special.  There, we will meet Portugal, who defeated Holland in a disgraceful game, with an appalling referee – 16 yellow cards, and four men sent-off.  There was playacting and diving on both sides, and in general the two teams were a disgrace to the spirit of the tournament.

Argentina scraped through in extra-time against a spirited Mexico, and will play Germany, whilst yesterday Italy defeated Australia thanks to a dubious, injury-time penalty.  They will be up against the Ukraine in the nextt round, who are through on penalties, after a 0-0 draw with Switzerland, in what was by far and away the worst game of the competition so far.  Still, Brazil to look forward to today…

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