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The Rays dealt Toby Hall and Mark Hendrickson to the Los Angeles Dodgers today for RHP Jae Seo, C Dioner Navarro and a player to be named later.

I’ve got to say, my first thoughts on this were Mark_hendricksoncomplete surprise.  I Toby_hallknow living over here in England means I’m out of the loop somewhat on trade rumours and the like, but I had heard nothing on this at all.  Most of the rumours I hear revolve around Julio Lugo (and the Mets), Aubrey Huff, and recently Carl Crawford.  And I have already read suggestions that Seo will be packaged up with Lugo and sent on to the Mets… we’ll see what happens there.

As for Hall and Hendo, well I’m sad to see them go.  Toby Hall especially – I’ve often shared my thoughts here on what a great guy he is to have on the team – a good leader, good defensive catcher, who really seems to help the young pitchers, and he can hit a bit as well.  He has been slumping lately, but still….  I’ve also read that he is one of the nicest guys in baseball – he’s passionate about his charity foundation, and has been nominated for the Roberto Clemente award.  Hendo, whilst he always amazes me at how softly he throws for a guy who is 6’9, has been great this year.  He’s only 4-8, but that’s entirely down to a lack of run support.  He’s led the team in wins the last two years as well I think.

If any of you want to let me know what our two new guys are like, then please enlighten me – I have vague recolections of watching a game with Seo pitching in the past, but I’m certain that I haven’t seen Navarro play.  Hopefully they’ll be good additions.

And I wish both Toby and Mark the very best of luck out West.  Thanks guys.

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    Good by Toby! we will miss you, your a great guy and wish you the best of luck.
    When I first heard of the trade I thought “Oh no hear we go again”, but after more thought and learning more about the players that we got, I think that it will turn out to be a good trade in the long run. Navarro, a young 22yrs old I belive has good potential(we hear that word a lot around here), he will improve as he matures, whereas Toby at 30yrs old and a catcher has most likely topped out: which is a good time to trade someone, you get good value in return. Lets face it were not going to overtake the Yank’s or Sox’s this year or most likely next year either, but I see big gains on the O’s and Jay’s in the next year and a half before we go after the big boys in 2008.

    Moves like this show me that this new leadership has a better grasp on what it takes to build a winner(so go buy your tickets so they can afford to keep this team moving in the right direction!!!!

    Have a great 4th of July, and remember FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! many have paid and are paying a great price

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