Sometimes I just don’t get the Rays

So I’ve just read on the blog at the Tampa Tribune’s website that Jorge Cantu and Shawn Riggans have been optioned to AAA Durham. According to the Trib’s Marc Lancaster, Cantu has said he wants to be traded, and that he doesn’t have anything to prove at AAA.
And too right.

I mean seriously, the 2005 team MVP, a guy who battled through several injuries last year, does not have to prove himself. I just don’t get it. Are the Rays management seriously telling me that Brendan Harris, Greg Norton or even Ben Zobrist are better players? Because I can tell you right now that they are not. I mean, come on – Greg Norton?! Don’t get me wrong, he did well for us last year, and I would love for him to prove me wrong this, but the fact is he won’t. He is not as good as Cantu. Full Stop. And yeah, if you cut him, that would leave the team with only Ty Wigginton at first base. So? He’s going to play the vast majority of games there anyway. With a combination of Zobrist, Upton, Harris and Iwamura he’s not going to see much time elsewhere on the infield. I would rather have a combination of Cantu, Gomes and Dukes spelling him, playing out of their regular positions, than I would Norton.

Not only that, but Lancaster reckons Greg might be placed on the DL – in which case he thinks we’ll try to get Carlos Pena on to the 40-man roster to take his place. Again, why? Pena is a solid player, who has had a fine spring – but for the few starts he’ll get at first is it worth sacrificing the talent of Jorge? Of course not.

Then there’s the pitching situation which I don’t even want to get started on right now. Ok, sending Big Seth down I can just (just, just) about understand, but Chad Orvella? Exactly the same thing happened with Chad last year. Does someone not like the guy or something?

Anyway, I’m going to write more later, once this is confirmed and whilst I’m watching the Rays v the Mets. But I’ll leave you for now with one thought.

Cutting Cantu is a mistake. A BIG mistake. I just hope we don’t live to regret it.

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