Don’t put it in the air

Well, after thursday’s aborted live-blog, I’ve had a couple of very busy days, with no chance to catch up on the baseball. Suffice to say, we lost on thursday, and again yesterday, but I watched last night’s game rather happily.
Jae Seo pitched ok. Not great, but he kept the Rays in it enough to (finally) earn the W. Ty Wigginton had a very nice game offensively, going 3-4 with a homer to kick things off.

But the key to the 6-5 win came, as will so often be the case, in the Rays outfield. Part one, in the top of the 6th. Delmon Young throws wild to second, allowing Kelly Shoppach to make it to third. Next hitter, Josh Barfield, flies out to Young. Young fires an absolute missile to the plate, giving Josh Paul the easiest tag at the plate he’ll make this year. Nice. Part two came in the seventh, with the Indians again threatening. The outstanding Travis Hafner lines one to the gap in left-centre. CC, playing towards said gap, streks across the turf, throws himself into a flat-out dive, and grabs the ball out the air. The win was safe, and sealed by Al Reyes who picked up his 6th save of the season.

CC is a gold-glove caliber leftfielder. If he played for any other team, he would have one already. I think 2007 could be his year…

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