What a waste

I cannot even begin to express how frustrated I am with Joe Maddon right now.
I mentioned a few days ago how Joe had left James Shields in for too long, costing us a win. Well, today, James Shields was simply fantastic. 8 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, 2 runs and 12 strikeouts. Those k’s tie a team record. The Rays then put 2 on the board in the bottom of the eighth to take a 4-2 lead. Ok, so far, so good.

Brian Stokes in to pitch the ninth. Hits the first batter. Gets a fly out. Then a walk, getting nowhere near the plate. It is clear for all to see that he does not have good stuff today. Still, next batter, run-scoring single. 4-3 lead, runners on first and second. Give him the hook Joe, he hasn’t got it today. But no, he carries on. Up in the zone, over the plate. He gets away with a couple, but then it comes. 3-run shot way over the fence in left. Game over, fantastic start from Shields completely wasted. Anybody could see Stokes needed to be taken out. I just don’t get Joe’s hesitation. I am not in a happy mood right now…


  1. Ben

    because we talk I gotta tell you some info about this that has not been shared. Because I sit near the right foul pole I got to watch our bullpen during that game and noticed a few things that change the story a bit. First, Stokes was on target in the ‘pen but in my opinion did not pitch enough and kept pausing during it. Now, i trust Bobby 100% but I don’t know if Stokes was really ready. Second, we had Camp warm up 3 times and at one point Glover started too. So they chose Stokes over those two for a reason. For some reason Stokes lost whatever he had when he hit the mound. Fortunately, he had it back last night. Go free donuts.

  2. John

    I do hear what you’re saying on this one, and I know that you don’t get the full picture from watching on TV.

    That being said, Stokes was up and over the plate right from his first pitch – and when you’ve only got a small lead, you can’t afford to leave him in there. And to be honest, if Maddon had Glover and Camp warm up and still stuck with Stokes, then thats even more worrying.

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