Not seen much

I have had such a busy week, that I’ve barely had time for any baseball, let alone any posting on here. The only game I did catch some of was Thursday afternoon’s defeat to the Angels, a game that, with the exception of Jae Kuk Ryu’s relief pitching was plain ugly.
Still, the week started with a 2-game sweep of the Yankees, highlighted by a Carl Crawford grand slam. It was the first of his career, off a submarine-lefty(!), and added yet another string to CC’s already mightily impressive bow.

Then, last night we actually won a game in Oakland, at the park in which the Rays own their worst all time record. That was largely thanks to a second-straight top quality start from James Shields, who allowed only one run and 4 hits in 8 innings, striking out 9. I hope he can keep this form up – I could get very, very used to it!

Oakland again tonight, and its an afternoon game, so I may even get to watch some. Won’t that be nice?!

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