Net lag: Monday Night Rays go back-to-back-to-back

I hope that no-one will mind that I am only mentioning last night’s defeat to the Angels in passing – I didn’t watch it live (with a 3am start time, I think I am excused that), and I won’t have the chance to watch it tonight. But its another road loss for James Shields, and it sounds like a tough one, where he was making his pitches, but just got beat by good hitting a couple of times. Thems the breaks.

Monday night’s game, on the other hand, I did watch, and so saw all the breaks going the Rays way. Actually thats underselling things a little, because against the in-form Joe Saunders our hitters really found their swing…

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One comment

  1. braverays

    I missed the last two games myself, but I’m thankful that the Rays at least won Jackson’s start. They finally won one game at Angels Stadium, which is one more than the last two years. Maybe they’ll turn it around back home against the Marlins’ inferior pitching.

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