About jjuk

(March 2007) – So, i’m John, 22 from
Basingstoke in England. Baseball was probably about the 10th
sport that i got into, but for some reason its the only one
thats ever come close to challenging my greatest sporting
love – football (yes, yes thats soccer!). I’ve been watching
football (more specifically Southampton) since the age of 6,
and still go to every home match, and a fair few away ones
too, despite the fact that the Saints are far from playing at
the peak of English football. The first I really knew of
baseball on the other hand came when my Dad moved to America
when I was 9. I went to my first ballgame 2 years later in
1997 – to see my Dad’s adopted hometown Birmingham Barons
beat the Huntsville Stars, and from that moment I was hooked.
I chose to support the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, as at the time
they were yet to start playing – and i thought it would be
cool to get in from the very start. I had also visited Tampa,
as my godfather lives there. Things of course don’t always go
to plan, and while i tried my best to keep track of what was
going on across the Atlantic, I didn’t get the chance to see
another ballgame until 2003, again on a visit to see my Dad,
who by this time had moved to Seattle. You can imagine my
delight when i found that the game that he had bought us
tickets for was the Mariners against the Devil Rays! Even
though the Rays lost, I was hooked all over again, and thanks
to MLB.com, MLB.tv, and my newly installed high-speed
internet connection (God I love technology!) finally i could
give baseball the attention it deserved. I’ve since been to a
couple more Mariners games, on my subsequent trips to the
States, but its the Devil Rays that still have a hold on me.
And as i write this, I’m looking forward once again to the
new season, convinced as ever that this is finally going to
be the Rays breakout year! Theres one thing I’ve learnt from
watching Southampton for over 15 years. In sport, blind
optimism often helps!