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Notta lotta hits

7 hits on Thursday and 6 hits yesterday isn’t much to show from the first two games against the White Sox, but fortunately, thanks to some battling performances, and the first run scored against the Chicago bullpen in 30 or so innings we did at least manage to win one of the two games.

The White Sox, like they were when we faced them earlier in the season, are a tough opponent. Possibly the toughest we’ve come up against so far…

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A sports fan’s mentality

Why is it that. despite an excellent win last night over the Orioles, its still the negatives that are annoying me more than the positives are pleasing me? Now, I know from experience at football that I am a far more positive person than most sports fans, but even I am frustrated at many of the little things from last night.

Now don’t get me wrong, the hitting was great. Absolutely brilliant. Carl Crawford went 2-4 with 3 runs scored. BJ Upton went 4-4…

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Best. News. Ever. Plus, Net lag: Of Perci and E-Jax

The first thing I do every morning when I get in to work is, as I’m sure is the case with most people, check my e-mails. And then delete most of them. Including the one from the Rays saying ‘Postgame alert for the Tampa Bay Rays’. I mean, I don’t want to know what happened in last nights game until I watch it!

But this morning there was a second e-mail from the Rays. And its subject made me very happy indeed…

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The plot thickens…

The fun in Rays-world continues! Three games at Camdem Yards, 2 wins, and suddenly its May 2 and the Rays are sitting in first place in the AL East (on percentage points) at 16-12. How ’bout that?!

I watched games one and two of the series, but missed the finale yesterday afternoon…


Right, so that brings us up to date with the action, but not on the big decision that is coming the Rays’ way this weekend. Who should stay and who should go?

Here is the Rays’ pitching staff as is currently stands…

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Aki picks his moment

I kind of feel this morning as though I need to set up an auto-complete for the blog, where I can just press a couple keys and make a whole paragraph about a battling performance appear…

Yesterday, I wondered whether the good or the bad Edwin Jackson would turn up. Well, he was wild…

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Off to Disney on a downer

As is so often the way, a great outing from one of our pitchers, Andy Sonnanstine on Saturday, was immediately overshadowed by a poor one from another. Edwin Jackson made his second consecutive below-par start, allowing 6 runs on 7 hits in 4 1/3 innings of work. He walked four, and looked just like last year – good stuff, but oh-so-little control. Its really frustrating…

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E-Jax the stopper

Seattle Mariners 0 – Tampa Bay Rays 7

Finally I have written something that didn’t immediately come back to haunt me! Yesterday I remarked that Edwin Jackson had looked the best of the rotation the first time through, and attempting to halt a 4-game skid, he showed it again yesterday with what must go down as one of his best ever outings in a Rays jersey…

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A Jonny Gomes story

Tampa Bay Rays 6 – New York Yankees 3

For most players, an inning like Jonny Gomes had in the second yesterday would pretty much set the tone for the entire game. Within the space of ten minutes, Gomes had been embarrassingly thrown out at second while in his home run trot – believeing his line drive to right had cleared the wall, not bounced off the top of it – and then missed a routine fly ball, losing it in the wind and shadows. You would have excused him for thinking that it was going to be one of those days.

But Jonny is not really one of those sort of players. Next inning he came back to the plate, and delivered a sacrifice fly to give the Rays the lead for the first time at 2-1. Next time up in the fifth, he found another Andy Pettitte pitch to his liking and belted another line shot, this time to left, and this time clearing the wall by inches for a 3-run homer ad a 5-1 lead. That would be extended in the eighth with a solo-shot by Willy Aybar, before the Yanks completed the scoring in the bottom of the frame.

On the hill, Edwin Jackson struggled early on, but ended with a fine line of 6IP, 5H, 1ER, 2BB, 4Ks and the win. It really was very encouraging to see him work through the first couple of innings without giving up the big runs, and then settle down – he breezed through the last 9 hitters he faced with relative ease. He was followed by another perfect 7th from Dan Wheeler, a shaky 8th resulting in two runs given up by Trever Miller and requiring Al Reyes to get the third out. Troy Percival then came in for his first appearance of the year, and earned his first save since 2005 with a 1-2-3 ninth.

Other good news yesterday was that Scott Kazmir had a strong mound session as he works back from injury. If everything goes well there is a chance he could be back with the Rays at the end of the month – which would obviously be great news all round.

Today’s matchup is James Shields against Chien-ming Wang. So you may want to watch this one!