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One is the magic-est number…

Or perhaps even the magic-eAst number.

One win in Detroit (or a Red Sox loss) will do it. One single game between the Rays and the AL East crown. If that doesn’t get you a little bit excited, well, I don’t know what does.

A four game sweep of the Orioles, including the franchise’s first ever sweep of a doubleheader (in fourteen attempts), means that with four games to go the Rays have a three game lead over Boston and the top is within touching distance. Today we have a tough 1.05 ET start time against the Tigers, and, if we can’t pull out the win there then we have another shot at claiming the top spot tonight, if the Indians can beat Boston at Fenway.

But I’m pretty sure I know how the team would prefer to win it. For themselves, on the field in Detroit. With all their heroics so far this year, it would be the most fitting way…

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Turn around

If you had told someone not familiar with the Rays that the two pitchers from the two games so far against the Sox were the same two in the same order as had pitched last Sunday and Monday, I think you would have a pretty hard time convincing them.

Jeff Niemann, coming off a stunning major league debut last weekend…

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Score one for the farm

A couple of weeks into the season, and the offense that we know the top of the Rays’ order is capable of is still yet to appear. Saying that, there have been some isolated sightings.

Saturday night, and Daniel Cabrera did a nice job for the O’s in stifling the bats. Evan Longoria, making his much anticipated debut…

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