Joe Maddon’s Glasses

Maddon_glasses_200x148 After a pretty decent first week of the season, the Rays are headed back to St Petersburg for tonight’s home opener against the O’s, and 6 more games at the Trop this week, all but one of which have a midnight start for me here in England.  I can’t at the moment decide whether this is a good thing or not – it means that I should have a lot of time during the day to work on my university dissertation – which I really need to do (only 9,344 words to go!!) – but it may just mean that I stay up late, and then sleep through until lunchtime everyday.  Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

After what will I’m sure be an opener with lots of festivities tonight, Madd_glass tomorrow’s game is Joe Maddon Glasses night at Tropicana Field.  I have only one thing to say – No Fair!!  The publicity for it has been saying they’re the new ‘must-have fashion accessory’ in the Tampa/St Pete. area.  Well why can’t I have the opportunity to make them the latest must-have in the South of England?  Therefore I have a proposal: Tuesday night’s giveaway should be to the first 14,999 fans at the Trop, and the first 1 English blogger who writes something about the game.  What do you think?  Maybe I should get some kind of petition going or something?!

Something that I forgot to mention over the weekend, was how nice it was to get the Rays TV feed over for the first time this season.  After listening to Buck Martinez & friends on the Oriole’s gamecast it was a pleasant relief to get Dewayne Staats and Joe Magrane – I may be biased I know, but its so much nicer listening to them that certain other commentators (I’m looking at you YES network!!).

Old_2 Also slipping my mind whlst typing, was the San Francisco Giants’ Old Man Group in the outfield on saturday.  A combined outfield age of 121, and not a single starter younger than 30.  I would hereby like to propese that the ‘Giants’ nickname is dropped, and in its place the team shall be known as the San Francisco Fogies(NB. not knowing if ‘fogie’ is an English word that you Americans will not have heard of – its a friendly put-down meaning old, and out of touch)

Going tonight against the Orioles is Seth McClung, who hopefully will bounce back as well as Scott Kazmir did.  Hopefully too Jorge Cantu will be back in the lineup, after missing the last couple with a bruised foot – although Tomas Perez has been outstanding filling in for him since we picked him up last week.



    Nice story of how you came to be a Rays fan, John. We need all we can get. Personally, I’m a Cardinal fan first and foremost, but I support the local team as I live in the TB area (land of the old fogies) and go to a few Rays games every season. I have some pictures, if you need some for your blog – lemmeknow.

    Is “geezer” the same as fogie?

  2. John

    Thanks Pat, yeah I think that geezer can be taken to mean the same as fogie!!

    And if you’d like to send some pictures, that would be great – I’m sure I can find a place to put them up!



    When Joe Maddon started his new job (few years ago) as a coach for D’Rays I gave him a chance…
    Now, I see it was another mistake!

    My belief in him as a good coach, lasted so short as his eye glasses!


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