Success, according to MLB Advanced Media

A little update for y’all, after yesterday’s catastrophe of an opening night.  Mark Newman’s article is now updated a little, under the title: “MLB.TV, season off to flying starts“.


Now, maybe I’m judging harshly.  So, to be fair, here is a random selection from the dozens of comments on that article:

“I am very disgusted with what I am getting from this today. If Opening Day is an indication of what this year is going to be like, we are screwed. MLB should b much better at this.”

“my reception kept freezing the pictures at crucial times during the mets reds game. very diappointed. same thing happening during the yankee oriole game on now!! what’s the problem??”

“I don’t think MLB is paying any attention to the problems. On the “help” blog, the responses they give all sound like canned answers that are very basic and do not address the real issues people are having. The problem is NOT in our sets, it’s on their end whether they want to admit it or not.”

“Maybe some of these deep pocketed executives can come and tell my 12 year old son why he can’t watch his favorite team. WHAT A SCAM!!”

“12:05 and I’m still getting errors. . . . clearly they are having serious technical difficulties. You know what would make it less annoying? Freaking admit it. Put a message up acknowledging the problems and apologizing. Instead I look to see what the heck is happening and I find this article on how awesome they say they are. It’s an insult to those of us who have paid a bunch of money to not be able to watch opening day.”

“I’ve been an subscriber since they first launched the service years ago. Today was one of the very few times I have been unable to watch a game — the Texas / Cleveland feed was down almost the entire game.”

Ok, there are a few (a very few) positive comments.  But this article is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are comments galore on the blog, and the support forums are almost overflowing with complaints and problems.  With the usual reply being along the lines of, “its your hardware”.  Um, no it isn’t.  Its your problem.

Its your problem, and it needs sorting.  And it needs apologising for.  It doesn’t need a bragging article, front and centre on the homepage, slapping yourself on the back for your service.  That is arrogant beyond belief, and an insult to every single customer who hasn’t received the service that they paid a lot of money for you. 

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